Smartphone and Tablet App

“A comprehensive voice analysis smartphone and tablet app that records perceptual, acoustic, and aerodynamic data.”

One VoiceEvalU8 app log session is completed in approximately 5-8 minutes, while the traditional in-person voice evaluation runs between 1 to 2 hours.


VoiceEvalU8 runs on a HIPAA/HITECH compliant server. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulates the protection of sensitive patient healthcare data while the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) stimulates the adoption and protection of electronic health records.

Web Portal

The VoiceEvalU8 web portal communicates with the app and server. Assignment of log sessions and app users occurs through the web portal. Training videos and other resources are accessed through the web portal. All of the results are posted to the portal in summary reports and graphs the day after the app log session.


How are the results presented?

The results are presented in full text and audio reports in the web portal or through summary sections by acoustic, perceptual, and aerodynamic data.  The files can be exported to Microsoft Excel.  Graphs are also available.  The graphs may be copied or printed.  Acoustic summary files are available with a grand mean option across days in the morning and in the evening.  Summary results are provided for the Voice Handicap Index-30 and the Vocal Fatigue Index by sections and also as total scores.  Summary results are also provided for the s/z ratio and maximum phonation time.  All of the audio recordings are available on the web portal for download to a local computer for further analysis.

How do I get started?

Begin by selecting the right pricing option for you.  Once you have purchased the subscription, then a unique account will be created for you to access the web portal.  From the web portal, you will assign app users, create logs, view results, and access all training videos and educational and clinical resources.

What additional resources are provided in the web portal?

There are training videos on how to use the app and web portal.  Clinical and educational resources are also available.  Educational resources include assignment descriptions.  Clinical resources include sample reports and examples of how to use the app with users. 

What aspects of a voice evaluation are included in VoiceEvalU8?

Acoustic measures are collected through 3 trials of sustained /a/ for 5 seconds each, the all voiced phrase “we were away a year ago,” and a 15 second connected speech sample.  The measures include: fundamental frequency, standard deviation of fundamental frequency, jitter%, shimmer%, noise-to-harmonic ratio, cepstral peak prominence, smoothed cepstral peak prominence, and acoustic voice quality index.

Perceptual measures are collected through rating scales.  The measures include: voice handicap index-30, voice handicap index-10, vocal fatigue index, reflux symptom index, and other perceptual measures modeled after the Consensus Auditory-Perceptual Evaluation of Voice that the user completes.

Aerodynamic measures are collected through sustained /s/, /z/, and /a/.  The measures include the s/z ratio and maximum phonation time.

What is a HIPAA/HITECH compliant server?

HIPAA regulates the protection of sensitive patient healthcare data.  The HITECH Act of 2009 was created to stimulate the adoption and protection of electronic health records.  VoiceEvalU8 runs on a HIPAA/HITECH compliant server available by LiquidWeb (  The dedicated VoiceEvalU8 server has firewall protection, anti-spam & anti-virus protection, HTTP intrusion protection, server hardening, daily security audits, and daily data back up.  

“UHY LLP, an independent accounting firm, has validated Liquid Web’s assertion that their solutions comply with HIPAA/HITECH security and privacy guidelines, including administration, physical, and technical safeguard measures.”  Click on the link for more information

What is VoiceEvalU8©TM?

VoiceEvalU8 is a smartphone and tablet application (app), server, and web portal.  The VoiceEvalU8 app is downloaded to an iOS and/or android device.  The user accesses the app to complete a “mobile” voice evaluation.  The app collects audio recordings and answers to questions from the user.  The recordings and answers are stored and analyzed on the VoiceEvalU8 server.  The server is Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) compliant.  The server analyzes the recordings through Praat algorithms, a freeware program on the internet  The VoiceEvalU8 web portal allows the clinician/educator/researcher/student to add users, create logs, view the results, and access training videos and resources.

When are the results available in the web portal?

Because the app is facilitating multiple days of data collection in both the morning and evening, results are available the following day.  For example, an app log is created for August 7.  The morning session is available from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. and the evening session is available from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.  The user may complete the log sessions any time within the specified window.  The results would then be available in the web portal the following morning at 6 a.m. on August 8.

Who may I contact with questions?

Please contact Elizabeth Grillo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Who may use VoiceEvalU8?

VoiceEvalU8 may be used by clinicians interested in evaluating a client’s voice across days before and after talking all day.  The clinicians may be providing in-person and/or telepractice prevention, assessment, and treatment services of clients with voice needs.  The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) defines telepractice as:

“the application of telecommunications technology for the delivery of speech-language pathology and audiology professional services at a distance by linking clinician to client or clinician to clinician for assessment, intervention, and/or consultation (ASHA, 2018§ion=Overview).

 VoiceEvalU8 may be used by educators and students who are learning about the anatomy and physiology of voice in undergraduate and graduate courses.    

VoiceEvalU8 may be used by researchers who are interested in longitudinal voice data.

Why should I use VoiceEvalU8?

VoiceEvalU8 provides a paradigm shift from a single, in-person voice evaluation that provides one “snapshot” to a mobile tele- or e-voice evaluation that captures the “landscape” of voice over multiple days in the morning and in the evening. 

VoiceEvalU8 is fast and efficient, completing one app log session across acoustic, perceptual, and aerodynamic measures in 5-8 minutes. 

VoiceEvalU8 provides the results for acoustic, perceptual, and aerodynamic measures in one place eliminating all of the tedious, time consuming analysis procedures. 

VoiceEvalU8 is a teaching tool bringing application-based activities to the classroom and the clinic. 

VoiceEvalU8 promotes the ability to conduct real-world clinical investigations of voice beyond the typical pre and post treatment data collection “snapshots” to a longitudinal repeated measures “landscape.”   

Development of VoiceEvalU8©TM was supported by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders of the National Institutes of Health under grant number R15DC014566.

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